Let us help you develop life-style strategies that actually work. 



The daily grind of everyday life takes its toll.  You feel it, your friends and family feel it, even your kids feel it.  Apparently, in this day and age, no one is immune from stress and stress impacts all aspects of our lives.  

When we're stressed we don't eat well, sleep well, feel motivated to exercise or even engage with our friends and family. 


Together we can look at what impacts your well-being: anything from nutrition, exercise and rest, to your job and your friendships.  Using mindfulness-based techniques, we will identify small steps you can implement slowly so that you experience success as you make changes to your lifestyle. In the end, you will feel renewed and ready to take better care of yourself and your family. 

This easy-going approach to stress-management works well with children and teens as well. 

LifeSpaceHealth is here to help. One small mind-body step at a time.