Wellness for Thriving Schools


What exactly do you get with our package?  

Teacher Wellness:  A fix Your Own Oxygen Mask First




This program is designed to provide schools with plans and resources to heighten awareness around the importance of overall wellness (including nutrition, movement, stress-management) and to familiarize students, teachers and administrators with the principles of mindfulness (as a primary tool for stress management).

LifeSpaceHealth believes all students, teachers and administrators can enjoy greater peace and productivity by taking a holistic approach to wellness.  While other popular tools focus exclusively on mindfulness or behavior management, our program is comprehensive.  Stress manifests in a variety of ways and it manifests differently for everyone; consequently, there is no one-size-fits-all way to ameliorate its impact. 

It is our goal to offer multiple tools to students, teachers and administrators to build resistance and resilience to stress.  These tools are provided through specific lesson plans for students, as well as a comprehensive mindfulness package for teachers.  Also included are other stress-management techniques and tips and plans for improving nutrition and increasing movement and exercise for teachers and administrators. 

What exactly do you get with our 8-week package? 

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If you have struggled to find peace-of-mind, better nutritional habits and increased exercise in your daily life, you have come to the right place. 


  • You will receive a 114 page downloadable workbook that covers every week of the mindfulness program. 
  • In this workbook, you will find a straightforward explanation of the mindful concept being presented that week.
  • Included in the workbook are quick, easy, do-anywhere exercises that help support your learning and build your mindfulness practice. 
  • You will also receive a slide-deck that breaks down the essentials into simple bullet points and graphics, in case you are are short on time or need a quick review. 


  • We have written weekly lesson plans for you to use in your classroom so that you can teach your students the mindfulness concepts that you are learning. 
  • You will receive a total of 8 lesson plans that are written in kid-friendly language.  You can modify these lessons as needed! 
  • We have created a private Facebook group for anyone who purchases our package where we will post a weekly journal prompt for you to give your students to support their learning and growth.
  • This Facebook page also includes many other resources and is a great forum for exchanging ideas with other professionals who are on their own mindfulness/wellness journey. 
Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images


Because we understand just how important it is to support the whole body for optimal wellness,  we have included worksheets on incorporating these weekly concepts into your nutrition and movement habits as well.   By breaking these concepts down, we make it as easy as possible for you to incorporate new and healthy lifestyle habits into your very busy life.


Here's a peek at what you'll get: 


Week 1: Attention to the Here & Now

Learn the history and purpose of mindfulness and explore why it can lead to greater peace and calm.

Week 2: Automaticity

Going through life on auto-pilot means we hit the same pitfalls over and over again.  Mindfulness helps us build awareness around these patterns and provides us with opportunities to make new, better, healthier ones.

Week 3: Judgment

Judging ourselves and others traps us in negative thinking and prevents us from being open to new ideas and experiences. 

Week 4: Acceptance

Accepting yourself and your feelings exactly as they are at this moment, can help you to give up your mental struggle and move on. 

Week 5: Goals

Setting goals can be a great way to identify things you want to accomplish but goal setting can also work against you by encouraging less focus on the present moment. 

Week 6: Compassion

Compassion for others is important in a civil society; but compassion for ones self underlies all aspects of ones personal health and well-being. 

Week 7: The Ego

Stepping outside of the box that society and culture define for us, allows us to unhinge from our ego and be our authentic selves. 

Week 8: Integration

Over the past seven weeks, you have explored mindfulness, nutrition and movement. How will you bring that into your daily life?