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My journey to wellness:


I am a graduate of Duke Integrative Medicine's professional Integrative Health Coaching program but I got here because I needed to make some serious changes in my life.

Before becoming a health coach, I earned a Ph.D. in Education and I worked 50 + hours a week for a university in New York City.  When my husband and I moved to Virginia, I transitioned to life as a stay-at home mom, and later a work-at home, and I had trouble balancing all that was required of me.  Juggling being a good mom, a good spouse, a good employee, a good daughter, sister, friend... quickly lead to burn out. 

While life was good, very good, in fact, I started to realize that I was tired, cranky and generally frustrated with the people in my life I loved the most:  my husband and my kids. I was becoming someone I didn't want to be around, someone who wasn't me, someone who desperately needed a break.

So, my journey to becoming a health coach really became a journey of finding a way back to the self that I feel good about, the person who I want to be.  The journey became one of recognizing and acknowledging my own needs and how to meet them in the context of the needs of my beautiful family.

Now I am passionate about helping others find ways to nurture themselves and address their most pressing health issues.  

I also work with children to help them cope with chronic stress and anxiety, which is becoming an epidemic in our fast-paced culture.