What to Give Up

As many of us consider what to give up for Lent this year, I’d like to offer a few things we might consider giving up at any time:

  1. Fear & Worry: Rarely does it serve a purpose other than to hold us back.
  2. Pleasing Everyone: You can’t please everyone.  Stop agonizing about it.
  3. Envy & Jealousy: Keeping a simple gratitude journal, or even just jotting down a word or sentence on a scrap of paper to remind you of the things in your life you hold dear, can be a powerful way to minimize envy.
  4. Impatience: Chill. All things in due time.
  5. Bitterness and Resentment: They are killing you.  Let them go.
  6. Blame: Ultimately, you are responsible for your life.  Stop blaming others.
  7. Gossip and Negativity: Staying positive about others and avoiding those who bring out negativity in you will do a lot for your mental outlook.
  8. Comparison & Feeling Unworthy: Let your own light shine.
  9. Fear of Failure & Self-Doubt: Failure is inevitable to one degree or another and it can teach us an awful lot about ourselves and our journey. Taking risks can bring abundant rewards (that you haven’t even imagined yet!).
  10. Excuses: There are a million of them.  Just stop.  You don’t want to hear yourself say them anymore.  



The inspiration from this post came from: http://www.dailyworld.com/story/opinion/2017/02/16/19-things-give-up-lent-arent-chocolate/98005614/