We offer several opportunities for you to connect with us.

You are on your way to getting a Permission Slip for new adventures!


Free Initial Consultation

Find out more about who we are, what we do and how we can meet your school’s needs.


Monthly Subscription Meal Plan Option

We offer monthly content for you to access whenever you need it! If you are a stressed out teacher who needs simple, easy to do meal plans, as well as tips for handling stress and increasing your daily movement, we’re here for you!


3 Hour School Day Workshop

We will come to your school on a teacher work day, or another time that fits your school schedule, to deliver an interactive workshop for teachers, admin and staff on stress management, resilience and well-being.

We will teach:

  • how to manage stress in the classroom using quick, easy to learn mind-body techniques

  • which foods help combat stress and keep you energized all day

  • simple movements to do throughout the day to avoid stiffness & fatigue

Teachers will participate in activities that develop awareness of their own stress trigger-points and that develop understanding of some simple but critical wellness principles.

Teachers will leave the workshop with their own personalized “lesson plan” for managing their stress and enhancing their well-being.


8 Session Teacher Training Package

This training includes:

  • Wellness training including mindfulness, nutrition and movement for stress management

  • Access to online mindfulness package, including lesson plans for student of a variety of ages

  • On-going email support for questions about mindfulness in the classroom

  • Membership to the closed FB group “Wellness for Thriving Schools”