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Do you struggle with TIME when it comes to cooking nutritious meals?

Do you struggle with IDEAS on what to cook, or what your family will eat?

Do you struggle with your BUDGET when it comes to food?

Well, we’re here to help!  With our new subscription option, you will get menu ideas, recipes and meal planning strategies. Not only that, but you’ll also get content in the areas of mindfulness, stress management and movement.  All for one low price, in one convenient location.

 Did you know:

  • The average American spends $3,008.00 a year on eating out? If you have a partner or a family, this is not just doubled, but tripled!

  • The average American family can spend up $13,500.00 per year on going out to eat while the average amount spent at the grocery story is a mere $6,564.00 per year.  

What’s wrong with this picture??  Not only is cooking your own food healthier but it will save you time and money!  With a little planning and a little time in the kitchen, you can prep multiple meals for the week so you’ll always have something in the fridge to grab when you need a quick fix.

The nutritional benefits: Everyone knows that fast food restaurants aren’t as healthy as homemade foods, but what about sit down restaurants that claim to be “healthier” ? Even at the healthiest of restaurants, your sodium, sugar and fat/cholesterol intake is doubled. And let’s not forget about the artificial ingredients they use to enhance the flavors and colors of these processed foods. Meal planning drops these culprits by over 85%. You are seriously consuming 85% less the additives and chemicals just by eating from your own kitchen. 

 We’ll help you stay on track with your eating goals, provide you with quick and effective stress management tools and teach simple tips for incorporating more movement into your everyday activities. Each month you will also receive healthy, budget friendly meal ideas and you’ll even get a grocery list on what you need to buy for your meals.  Done and done!  How easy is that??

 The outcome is you’ll finally feel more energetic, calmer and ready to tackle the demands of life in the classroom and at home.


So, to recap, with the monthly subscription you will get:

  •  Healthy, budget friendly meal plans that will save you time and money

  • Quick and easy stress management tips

  • Simple movement exercises to keep your body from feeling stiff and tired


 All for the low price of $7.99 per month. Cancel anytime!

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