What role does movement play in a business? 



Greater calm and focus! 


We all know the benefits of exercise, right? A regular exercise program can help us lose weight, lower blood pressure, help control high blood sugar, lower cholesterol and strengthen bones.  These are more than enough reasons to put down the iPad and get moving!  But what about the emotional impact of a regular exercise routine?  Exercise can combat depression, increase self-esteem, improve sleep quality and generally enhance overall feelings of well-being.  Adults and children alike benefit from moving their bodies!  But it's not easy to fit in exercise; it can become drudgery and can quickly feel uncomfortable, not to mention difficult to infuse into a busy schedule. 

So, how can we help? 


We take a holistic approach toward movement rather than getting bogged down in things like minutes logged and calories burned . Instead of focusing on setting aside huge (usually unrealistic) chunks of time to go to the gym or stream an exercise video, we help you find activities you enjoy and make them part of your daily life! 

For example, if the gym isn't your thing (it's not mine!) but you enjoy being outside,  take a quick walk around the neighborhood.   It doesn't need to be a big deal, you can even bring your family, just get out for a few minutes! Laundry piling up?  March in place while you fold!  Stuck in your office all day without a break? A few deep knee bends or toe touches from your chair can get your core firing.  

When we replace the word "exercise" with the word "movement" and look at it as something that makes your body feel good instead of just one more thing you didn't get to today, you can change the way you feel about it!


Moving your body, even just a bit, can boost your mood.   We're here to help you figure out how to make that happen!