How does good nutrition help teachers?  

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Good Nutrition keeps teachers going all day!


Teachers are always on the go and often resort to junky snacks or unhealthy food choices to keep from getting “hangry” (hungry + cranky = hangry). But poor food choices can also leave us feeling cranky, tired, and bloated, not to mention annoyed with ourselves for our bad food choices.

So what’s a busy teacher to do?

Our Approach


We take a holistic approach toward nutrition instead of focusing on things like food pyramids or counting calories. We educate our community about the relationship between the food we eat and its impact on our brains.

For example, did you know that when your blood sugars drops because you haven't eaten in a while, your body starts producing cortisol (stress hormone)? This leads to our old friend “hangry.” The symptoms of this increase in cortisol are lack of concentration or retention, irritability, anxiety and anger, just to name a few. 

We will share time saving, budget friendly tips on how to take simple ingredients and combine them to provide your body and brain what it needs for optimal results. Meals don’t have to be big but they do need to be nourishing. And we can help you get the "biggest bang for your buck," so to speak, both nutritionally and financially.


By learning some quick tips we can lessen  cravings, feel full longer, and most importantly, feel good. Let’s let “Hangry” be a thing of the past.  


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We offer several services to support you in learning how nutrition should be a vital component to a thriving classroom and the whole school.

We will come to your school on a teacher work day, or another time that fits your school schedule, to deliver an interactive workshop for teachers, admin and staff on stress management, resilience and well-being.

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