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Whether you need one-on-one coaching for stress management or weight-loss  or you want to follow along on our 8-week virtual package, we can meet your needs.

Contact us to learn how mindfulness can help you meet your wellness goals, including stress management, nutrition and movement. 

Eat right. Exercise. Practice mindfulness. This is the mantra we hear all day every day. 

Photo by Yobro10/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Yobro10/iStock / Getty Images

The internet is flooded with resources for healthy eating (which diet will win out this week??), recipes that promise quick weight loss, and a plan to get you into the gym 7 days a week and into your bikini in no time.  

Oh yeah, and sit down for an hour a day to listen to your breath.  

Because we all have time for that, right?? 

And let’s not forget about the colon cleanse…  

Work, grocery shopping, laundry, schlepping the kids to after school activities,  grabbing a quick meal as you run out the door, keeping your cool when you kid leaves his socks in the middle of the floor for the 100th time or spills a whole cup of water onto his freshly changed sheets as he’s crawling into bed.   THAT sounds more familiar, right?? 

Clean eating?  Exercise?  Mindfulness? Yeah, that’s right out the window. 

We’ll teach you to tweak your diet without a lot of pain and drama. 

We’ll show you how to sneak a bit of exercise into your day so that you feel refreshed, not exhausted; uplifted, not guilty. 

We’ll introduce you to mindfulness practices that happen in countless small ways throughout your already crazy busy day. 

We’re health coaches but we’re also moms. 

We are clean eaters without a lot of drama. 

We exercise because it’s fun, not because it’s a burden or drudgery (OK, sometimes it’s total drudgery, so then we just skip it that day). 

And we’re mindful because we pay attention to what’s happening in front of us, not because we’re some spiritual gurus or even super patient.  We get mad just like any other mom! 

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And sometimes we cope with wine (one of us more than the other). And by sometimes, we really mean all the time.  And the other (the nutritionist, no less) soothes herself with sugar. 

So, we’ve developed some content that reflects our approach to health and wellness. It’s a little irreverent and sometimes it pokes fun at the current serious approach to diet and exercise.  But, if you join us, you may find that you end up enjoying the journey just as much as we do. 

So, what does this site offer you?  

The wellness package actually does start you off with a fairly straight-forward approach to learning mindfulness.  It’s a little more serious than most of what we have to offer but it will give you a solid overview of the basic (and important) principles of mindfulness. 

You will get an 8 Week, entirely self-paced course to help you understand  what mindfulness is and why it is actually important (because you have to understand something before you learn to break the rules, poke fun of it and learn how to keep what works for you and discard the rest!). 

You will also get, for each of those 8 weeks, coaching worksheets on how to make minor adjustments to your diet and exercise routine so that you hit on what works for YOU (not everyone else out on the internet).