Saved by the Bell

Our newest workshop, Saved by the Bell, is modeled after the school day.  Teachers will attend “classes” to learn various aspects of self-care and wellness that will keep them feeling fresh and energized all day long. 

 Our goal for this workshop is to teach skills that foster resilience and to provide simple, manageable ways to keep teachers from feeling drained and worn out after a long day in the classroom.   

 We believe that teachers who are able to care for themselves physically and mentally are able to pass along these skills to their students and create a culture of wellbeing and support in their classrooms.  It is this paradigm shift that may have the potential to reach even the most troubled kids.  (see

 Our multi-pronged approach, which incorporates mindfulness and other stress management techniques, nutrition and movement exercises, allows teachers to develop a practice of caring for themselves that is unique and personal.  Just as each student in their classroom is unique, so too are the teachers. There is no one-size fits all model because the teachers are free to walk away with whatever resonates with them the most.  At the end of the day, each teacher will have his or her own personal “lesson plan” of wellness, as well as concrete first steps to put their plan into action.

 When teachers feel good and have real strategies in place to manage stress,  students benefit.

  A sample of our workshop structure includes:

  •  Language Arts= Mindfulness (developing awareness or “reading” oneself)

  • Math: Calculating your time to “losing it” and how to manage those flash points

  • Science/Bio = Nutrition and your wellbeing 

  • Lunch: Mindful eating 

  • History: Identifying patterns / history of behaviors

  • PE: movement 

  • Encore/Homework/Assignments 

 Support staff and administrators are not immune from the stress that is inherent in our schools! Anyone in your school is welcome to join our workshop.