What role does stress management play in a thriving business? 

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Give your employees tools to manage stress and anxiety.


Employees feel the stress and anxiety that results from endless pressure to get things done and from juggling too many activities.  Work deadlines, family obligations, kids running from activity to activity, aging parents that need care…. it’s no wonder our employees are feeling stressed and out of control.

So, how can we help? 


The work day is so busy! A little time out to catch your breath, learn how to prioritize and get some perspective might be necessary.  Just a few minutes of  mindfulness is a great way to hit the pause button on your brain.  Taking a moment to observe your breath and let thoughts come and go might be all you need to restore a moment of calm in a hectic workday and find a little inner peace.  At least for a few minutes!  Mindfulness is one form of stress management.  We can also help teach employees how to better manage their time, prioritize projects and activities, cultivate gratitude and find opportunities for more joy in their lives! 


But what is mindfulness, anyway? 


Defined simply as “paying attention to the present moment, on purpose and without judgment,” mindfulness is similar to mediation, although the practice, defined in this way, is secular.

A consistent practice has shown improvements in attention span, compassion toward others, and emotional regulation (including decreased reactivity to stressful stimuli), as well as lower levels of stress and anxiety. 


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