What impact does LifeSpaceHealth have on our school communities?  


What teachers are saying...

"What I love is that the students are taking ownership so quickly over how to cope with emotions."

"Usually their blow ups or their extreme upset falls on the teacher to "fix." The mindfulness has really empowered THEM to work through those emotions."

"After implementing mindfulness with Somie and Jennifer into my gifted and talented classroom, I have seen my high anxiety students implement strategies to get through tests or stressful classroom situations. In the fast pace world children are growing up in, mindfulness helps them to slow down, recognize stressors, and then implement strategies to get through difficult situations."

What students are saying...

"I use mindfulness almost every where I am frustrated. It makes me feel really good when I use it."

"I use meditation and the glitter jar, and I've been feeling VERY calm lately. AND if my friends break up with me, I can meditate or use the glitter jar."

"Sending kind thoughts to someone I'm mad at is kind of like an apology".

"Breathing helps me calm down when I'm mad at my brother."

"I was so nervous about the SOLs but when I practiced breathing, it helped a lot."

What administrators are saying...

"We're already seeing such positive results in our students and ourselves".

"We are so happy to have Somie and Jennifer in the building."