How do you prevent burnout in your advancement team?

Your advancement professionals give their heart and soul to their jobs every day. From being on the road to planning alumni events or working behind the scenes to make it all happen, the demands of organizational advancement are relentless. Your advancement team consists of committed professionals who know how to get the job done. You love them and, more importantly, you need them. You need them to be healthy, responsive, on top of their game.

But let’s face it, burnout is real and it’s happening to everybody. Too much to do, too little time. Your advancement team is not immune to the relentless stress of their work.

In fact, burnout is one of the biggest contributing factors to high turnover rates in advancement professionals.

I offer professional development workshops for busy advancement teams to help combat burnout. These workshops can be modified to suit your needs. Going on a staff retreat? I can craft 3 hour workshops full of quick, easily implementable wellness ideas to keep your advancement team feeling healthy. Have a weekly or monthly staff meeting coming up? I can drop in for an hour and talk about stress management to help your staff dial back anxiety and frustration.

Not only will you quickly see the benefits of your advancement team feeling more energetic and positive, but by using simple mindful awareness techniques, they will be more present and engaged with alumni, donors, and their colleagues as well.

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