Wellness for Kids and Teachers

Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images


Wellness for thriving schools..

Too many children today are walking around anxious, angry, and depressed. They are overwhelmed with tests, grades, after school activities, friends, and family. More importantly, they do not have the tools necessary to effectively deal with the thoughts and emotions that accompany the constant stress they are under. We do not need complicated statistics, graphs, or charts to tell us this is so. We know this to be true just by reading the local newspaper, watching the evening news, or simply listening to our children and their friends. 

We feel it is of primary importance that students, teachers, and parents have access to the transformative and life-changing work of mindfulness. Our schools excel at teaching math, reading, science and social studies but they do not systematically teach children how to manage their stress and the thoughts, emotions that cause that stress. This is also true for teachers and administrators.  When teachers, students, and administrators learn mindfulness techniques,   anger, anxiety, sadness, and frustration, in the classroom, school, and in life are significantly reduced. 

Scientific research indicates that when children engage in a mindfulness practice  stress levels go down, they begin to perform better academically and they learn  to cope with anxiety and negative thoughts or emotions . Similarly, teaching children to recognize the language they use in their own minds can also have an outward effect on how they treat others. The outcome is a happier, more compassionate community. 

Similarly, kids and teachers whose bodies are well nourished and have regular opportunities to move also experienced enhanced well-being.  Instead of finding resources for mindfulness, movement and nutrition, we have combined them into one, convenient, easy to use package. 

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