Wellness Workshops

Below is a partial list of workshop offerings.

Additional workshops can be designed based on your organization’s needs.  


How does mindfulness lead to better donor cultivation?

Mindfulness does not need to be hard or time consuming and the benefits can be immediate and rewarding.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • what mindfulness is (hint: it’s not just sitting with your eyes closed for hours),

  • how to pay attention to the present moment (and why that’s so important) and, most importantly,

  • where to apply this new knowledge to your career as an advancement professional.


Healthy Strategies for Road Warriors

Healthy snack ideas, quick ways to sneak in movement while you are on the road and deep breathing techniques are just a few of the things this workshop will cover.

In this work shop you will learn:

  • nutrition tips to maximize your energy,

  • easy techniques to lower your stress levels and

  • simple movement exercises to minimize aches and pains.


Manage Stress with Mindful Moments

Stress got the better of you? Learn techniques to help you regain your inner peace and tackle the day with grace and confidence. This workshop will begin with taking a few minutes to identify your own unique “flash points,” moments in life that really get the best of you, and then develop specific strategies to avoid these flash points or help release you from the grip of stress and anxiety when they are unavoidable. Mindful awareness techniques will also help you be present with donors and encourage a greater sense of connection with your organization’s mission.


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